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Majime Na Eitango 3000 Android OS App

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Majime Na Eitango 3000 App for Android OS

For learning 3000 essential English words with fun!!

Notice: This App is basically made for Japanese people who want to study English.

Majime Na Eitango 3000 is for learning 3000 English words for oral English conversations, business English, TOEIC(R) and college entrance exams.

This application is based on "Eitango No Tatsujin" which has been used by more than 300000 users! in Japan.

Why only 3000 words?
Even native speakers use 2000 words in their conversations and use just 3000 words in writing and reading everyday.

?Editorial supervisor
Henry Fagg
Mash Nishida
Louise Hyatt

?Great various functions
3000 words are quite hard to learn, aren't they? So this application has great various functions to help you learn!

?Example sentences and other meanings.
You will easily understand ambiguous words.

You can check pronunciations with Hi-quality sounds.

You can book-mark any word and you review whenever you want.

The question you can't pass is automatically saved. So you can try it till you completely memorize them!

?Grammar check
You can check grammar tips!

Many trivia about English and world!?

You can get useful advice at the end of chapter.

If you work hard, you can get great rewards!!

Sometime you should check how many you made corrects and mistakes.

He looks scary and odd but nice guy! Listen his voice!

?UTS Ver1.0
User Tukkomi System.

If you choose a wrong option, you can get advice immediately.

You put your favorite question on Twitter!

?APP for Android OS Ver 2.1 - 2.3
Supports XPERIA, GALAXY, Optimus Black, Optimus chat and HTC EVO 4G display.

?Related App
Majime Na Eijukugo 1000:Learn essential 1000 idioms and phrasal verbs!!

-???- -???- -???-
Produced by
AltavistaRise co., Ltd.

If you have any questions or want further information about Majime Na Eitango 3000 and Ura Eigo No Tatsujin. Please visit or mail to

Information about Eigo No Tatsujin, Daigaku Juken Gokaku Club, Derujun TOEIC(R), Ryugaku No Tatsujin.

Author: AltavistaRise Co., Ltd.
Author Site:
App version: 1.31
Requirements: 2.1 and up
App size: 9.1M
Content rating: Low Maturity
Views: 122
Downloads: 83

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