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BlueMuze Android OS app
BlueMuze ..

Bluetooth music & playlist transfer.

Send music & playlists over bluetooth directly from one phone to another, just like a mixtape.

One of the "best new apps of the week" - Andro...

Views: 440

Retro Tape Deck Music Player Android OS app
Retro Tape Deck Music Pla ..

mp3 player application with fully animated Retro Cassette Deck.

Retro music player with fully animated Retro Cassette Deck. Tape deck comes with a selection of realistic cassette tape designs. The t...

Views: 566

FreeStyle Recorder Android OS app
FreeStyle Recorder ..

FreeStyle Recorder lets you record vocals to any beat directly to your phone.

Attention Samsung device owners, currently this app is having issues with Samsung Froyo devices when trying to record. C...

Views: 424

Instrumental Beats Android OS app
Instrumental Beats ..

The first of its Kind Instrumental Beats. This app was designed for Rappers / Singers / Song Writers /Film markers.

Write or produce new tracks or get creative ideas from the beats.

Producers have...

Views: 423

OnkyTroller Pro by LauJed Android OS app
OnkyTroller Pro by LauJed ..

OnkyTroller Pro: The First Android App to control your Onkyo Surround Receiver!

OnkyTroller is the first Android App to control your Onkyo(tm) or Integra(tm) Receiver over Wifi/Internet. Browse your...

Views: 429

RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer Android OS app
RR Guitar Fretboard Train ..

RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer is a tool to assist in learning the guitar fretboard. It works by repeatedly prompting the user to find and identify notes on the guitar fretboard.

RR Guitar Fretboard...

Views: 624

Classical Music Android OS app
Classical Music ..

Classical Music features symphonies from 13 former musicians (Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Haydn, Schubert, Mussorgsky, Schumann, Vivaldi,Tchaikovsky,Wagner); MP3-Format;...

Views: 599

BEGIN's Uta San-Shin Android OS app
BEGIN's Uta San-Shin ..

Japanese traditional 3 stringed melody maker,the San-shin.

Japanese local 3 stringed melody maker, the San-shin

"BEGIN's Uta San-Shin," is an application for everyone to enjoy easily...

Views: 451

SPL Meter Android OS app
SPL Meter ..

SPL Meter is a professional-grade sound level meter, also known as a decibel or dB meter, Android device. This is a faithful reproduction of all the characteristics and qualities found in a traditiona...

Views: 451

Premium Nobex Radio Companion Android OS app
Premium Nobex Radio Compa ..

Nobex Radio Companion: Never miss your favorite radio program again!

Never miss your favorite radio programs again!

With the premium version of Nobex Radio Companion you will instantly be able to:...

Views: 431

Epic Audio Visualizer Android OS app
Epic Audio Visualizer ..

Visualize your music like never before!

Have you ever wanted to see what your music looks like or perhaps want to add something extra to your phones wallpaper to make it that much better? This *LIVE...

Views: 413

RD3 HD - Groovebox Android OS app
RD3 HD - Groovebox ..

Create your own grooves and drum loops with RD3 HD - Groovebox!

Use your Android tablet as a musical instrument and make your own music tracks!

Recreate the sound of early electronic dance music w...

Views: 492

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